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Info: Every day, people are uncovering fresh brands and products across Google, Amazon, and social media. Our skilled team of paid media specialists is dedicated to assisting you in advertising on these platforms in the most powerful and efficient manner possible.
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Benefits of investing in a paid media agency

By partnering with a paid media agency, you guarantee maximum product visibility across every stage of the buying process. Performance marketing revolves around precisely reaching your intended audience at the ideal moment, with tailored messaging, on their preferred platforms.

Our paid media expertise

In the world of digital media, unlike traditional channels, most of the trading occurs programmatically. Each ad impression enters an instantaneous auction where advertisers bid based on its anticipated value/return. Why does this matter? To amplify your return on investment, it’s crucial that your media buying team comprehends bid management intricacies, quality scores, CPM reach, first-time impression ratio, impression share, product feed management, and more.

At Bareth Digital, our paid media team excels in their respective fields, whether it’s PPC, Facebook, YouTube, or Programmatic Display. We meticulously fine-tune and optimize media delivery, adjusting countless optimization variables each day to ensure the utmost return on your investment.

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Benefits of a combined paid media strategy


Each digital channel has a role to play in the user journey, be that introducing a new consumer to your brand on Facebook, maximising product share of voice at the point of purchase through PPC or keeping the brand front of mind throughout the consideration/comparison period through remarketing. The path to purchase will span multiple media touchpoints across various channels, so understanding the role and contribution of each of these touchpoints becomes critical in maximising overall campaign effectiveness. Attribution modelling and user journey mapping is a fundamental part of our planning and measurement process.


Consumers don’t think in channels the way advertisers do, so to maximise overall impact it’s imperative that messaging and tone of voice is consistent and aligned across the various digital touchpoints. That said, it’s important that the messaging is also aligned to the role of the channel in that user journey – is it to inspire, educate, motivate or convert?


A holistic, multi-channel approach to paid media also has the more practical benefit of reducing susceptibility to media inflation and diminishing returns. Advertisers who have the ability to quickly flex budgets between channels – existing or new – are much better placed to avoid inflated CPAs and to maximise overall spend effectiveness.

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