As a worldwide SEO agency, we specialize in enhancing your business's global discoverability and boosting visibility across multiple languages.

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Every Business is unique with its business objectives, missions, visions, operational tactics, target audiences, target locations, technology used to create the website and other digital assets, industry segment, competition, their performances etc etc…

Therefore, it is imperative to understand, what type & how aggressive you need your SEO Services to be As mentioned above, there are many factors involved while selecting your Best SEO Package to achieve your business & digital goals

At Bareth Digital Labs, India, from our years of experience have crafted below SEO Packages that suit every business & individual based on their objectives. These packages will actually help your business and your website achieve the desired results like Keyword Ranking, Increase in Traffic, Organic Leads among other SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

SEO is a systematic & rigorous process which requires experience along with expertise and updated knowledge of the trade & various SEO Strategies that work especially for your business. It has to be kept in mind that SEO results vary from 6 months to 1 year (even more in some cases based on various factors) when done the right way ethically like using the White Hat Strategies… that help in bringing better and sustainable results over period of time

When your business operates internationally or aims to reach a global audience, considering your search presence beyond borders becomes crucial. International or global SEO focuses on optimizing your rankings and visibility in other countries, ensuring maximum reach and visibility.

Whether your website targets one country or many, we have the technical experience and language capabilities to help your business succeed worldwide.

In essence, International SEO is an expansive form of geo-targeting. It involves tailoring websites to specific locations, including preferred search engines, languages, currencies, and regional search patterns. While Google dominates in many countries, others like China, Russia, and Korea rely on platforms such as Baidu, Yandex, and Naver. This diversity requires distinct international SEO strategies for effective optimization.

In order to put together an SEO strategy that fits into the global needs of your organisation…

We Devise Effective International SEO Ranking Strategies

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International Technical SEO

We will audit your site(s) and give recommendations to ensure they follow international SEO best practices. Implementation of correct hreflangs, meta language tags, correct geolocation settings, etc. are pivotal to success.

Local Audience Intent Research

You need to understand the market you want to target. You need to understand what they talk about, what they care about and how they behave online. It is not enough to translate Keyword Research done for the UK, EU, USA, AED market.

International Site Structure

Separate ccTLD? Subfolders? Subdomains? Are you targeting only different languages or also different regions with the same language? How does your international content fit within your current website? We identify the best solutions depending on your wider international goals.

International Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competition is an essential part of any SEO strategy and can help you better understand the local market you want to target. Who are they? What do they offer and how? What keywords do they target? What type of content works for them?

Content Transcreation

Your content needs to feel local and produced in-market. It needs to resonate with each audience and in every location your business is trying to reach, in both tone of voice and imagery. Your impact will increase by speaking to your audience in a native voice that is colloquial, culturally appropriate and on brand.

International On-page Optimisation

Based on our local research we give recommendations, not only on the type of keywords you should be targeting and using in your meta data, but also what type of content you should be writing and what format works best for your local audience.

International Link Building

Building links for different countries is an extremely complicated task due to language barriers, cultural differences and different industry behaviour. However, this is pivotal for the success of any international SEO strategy so we use our local insights to provide a local strategy for each of your target markets.

Local Keywords

We know that just translating keywords will not suffice when you are offering content in different languages. Our keyword research considers the natural language preferences and local idioms of each target population to ensure they’re tailored for them without sounding unnatural!

We understand the SEO challenges of a Global Organisation

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Managing multiple websites and the need of local level insights are always challenging.

Standards & Processes

For a global organisation, having a strong set of standards, best practices and roll-out processes across multiple markets is a must.

Knowledge & Skills

There is always a varying level of knowledge and skills across markets and regions in any global organisation. We can help even them out.

Data & Reporting

Reporting on traffic and ranking data across different markets that might have different KPIs requires a centralised measurement dashboard.


Supporting the shared journey towards digital excellence requires a rigorous operating rhythm at the global, regional and local level. Good account and project management is essential.

SEO Packages designed to help you reach your website SEO goals


SEO project undergoes a Website Audit. Starting from UI/UX to Content Marketing to detailed Keyword Research besides any kind of Google penalty (if any). Gives a clear picture of what is the present status of your website & seo to draft the seo strategies that work for you


Every SEO package is clubbed with On-Page SEO Optimization, which play a very important role interacting directly with your Audiences. All Technical SEO aspects are catered to, which is a must for your site to perform improving Keyword Ranking among other factors positively effecting Website Traffic


Content Marketing features in the above SEO service price packages will definitely help you use your researched keywords with right content strategy for your niche which is relevant for your target audience both while searching on Google or consuming it starting from blogs, articles, press releases, infographics etc.


One of the most important aspects of SEO Optimization is implementing Off-Page Optimization Strategies. With the type of quality Backlinks created for your website from authority sites keeping in mind the SEO objectives needed to be fulfilled. Content Writing like Blogs/ Articles/ Guest Posts etc. play a very important role in improving your Keyword Ranking thereby positively effecting your visibility and traffic of relevant audiences.


With time, algorithms have changed and upgraded themselves. People have started using different types of search methodologies like the voice search… eg. Alexa and like wise. Google wants relevant and correct content searched easily to present it to the searcher. We do keep in mind the voice search optimization tactics while implementing our SEO Strategies as it is estimated that by 2021 near about 40-50% of the searches will be done using voice search.


Millions of contents published in the internet daily. Consumption of content, especially video content plays a big role in sharing your products/ services value and message across. As video intake has increased drastically it is imperative to have a good Video Marketing Strategy in place with quality content being generated consistently clubbed with SEO giving that tactical advantage your website and business deserves.

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